tradesecrets delivers a number of different workshop formats which use different mediums to address and facilitate debate around a variety of issues that might otherwise be difficult to discuss and share in a corporate environment.

One to one

tradesecrets has over the past 10 years developed an innovative one-to-one coaching program which is designed to help you develop your strengths as a communicator and to help you realise your natural capabilities.

Role Playing

Role-playing helps individuals identify key strengths and weaknesses in communicative styles and assists in supporting changes in individual performance.

Shows and conferences

tradesecrets tends to get called in to help bring certain key messages to life in a conference setting and also to help design activities that stimulate debate and facilitate a new way of thinking.

Meetings and group sessions

Quite often the dry material that is handed out at meetings, supported by Powerpoint presentation stays as dry and un-interpretable as the paper it is presented on. We share tips, techniques and insight into how to host these meetings for the better to make the interaction more dynamic and ultimately more fruitful for all involved.


We do quite a lot of that is about stimulating the senses to help enhance creative thought. Our experiential work has a profound effect on all who have been involved quite often turning around thought that is stuck and breathing fresh air into pitch presentations.

Parties and events

You want something a bit different from the norm that has a bespoke feel to the event without going over the per head cost of the standard fare out there in the corporate entertainment market? Speak to us about what we could do for you. We have run a whole host of events for large numbers of people that have not only been about the quality of the food and wine but also about the entertainment.

Residential courses

The residential course provides an opportunity to look deeper inside the organisation and allows for proper self-reflection, group analysis and an opportunity to strategise over necessary changes.